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ABOUT US - Mission

EST Environmental Technologies Ltd.

"We are an Instrumentation Sales Firm that provides Innovative and Cost-Effective Solutions for all your Environmental Monitoring Needs"


Celebrating over 20 years as a leading supplier of innovative instrumentation in British Columbia!

Our Vision

To be the leading authority of water monitoring solutions and to be the most successful environmental instrumentation distributor, innovator, and supplier in British Columbia.

Our Why

Reliable and effective environmental instrumentation is required to quantify and montor municipal water flows to prevent damage to residential and comercial property and communities. Without reliable environmental data and instrumentation, cities cannot continue to grow or develop infrastructure to sustain healthy lifestyles for their citizens, and safeguard public health for their communities.

Our Mission

To be the leading solutions provider and supplier of high quality, cost-effective, innovative monitoring solutions in British Columbia. Our industry leading solutions will allow our clientele which inlcude municipalities, communities and businesses throughout BC to develop the required municipal infrastructure required to grow while safeguarding the environment.

Our Company Core Values

  • To provide exceptional customer service
  • To have integrity in all our business and customer interactions
  • To actively listen and respond to the marketplace and customer needs to find solutions
  • To respect the individuals we work with and truly value and appreciate our staff and clients
  • To be trustworth, reliable and responsive, in order to foster positive working relationships
  • To show appreciation and gratitude to our colleagues, partners / associates, and clientele.
  • To be open to new opportunties for growth and innovation.

Our history and philosophy

EST Environmental Technologies Ltd was founded in 2001 by Winston Tang.

All of the environmental products and technologies that we distribute and represent through EST are carefully selected to ensure they align with our mission statement provide solutions for you and your clientele. Our EST Integrated Techologies involve assembling the most advanced technologies to suit your applications to maintaine our position as the market leader.

We are proud of our past successes, but we will continue to strive for greater levels of excellence to meet and exceed our customers expectations by offering consistent customer support and service. We believe that integrity and trust are the keys to building our future success. At EST we strive to practice these values on every job and project we sell.

EST Environmental Technologies strives to be an industry leader and innovator - now and in the future. When you choose EST products, you are joining us on our mission to improve water quality for the world!

Thank you for visiting our company website, and we look forward to working with you!


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