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PRODUCTS - Telog Instruments

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Telog Instruments

EST Environmental Technologies is proud to represent Telog Instruments for BC & Alberta.

Telog Instruments has a wide range of advanced products including information management software, multi-channel recorders, and direct connect recorders.

For more information about Telog products please review the details and product categories below:

EST Environmental Product Brochures & Manual Support Page:

Direct Connect Recorders


HPR-31 Hydrant Pressure Recorder: Paperless Pressure Recording

HPR-31i Hydrant Pressure Impulse Recorder: Impulse Recorder for Monitoring Water Hammer & Negative Pressure Events

SSO-31 SSO / CSO Monitoring: No Confined Entry CSO/SSO Monitoring

WLS-31 Water Level Monitoring: Measure Water Level

LPR-31 Line Pressure Recorder: Monitor Water or Gas Pressure

AVR-ILR-31 Recorders: Analog Voltage Recorders

Remote Monitoring

R-3303: Channel Recorders with Analog and Digital Input

R-3307: 7 to 30 Channel Recorders with Analog and Digital Input

RS-33 Recording Telemetry Unit

RU-33 Recording Telemetry Unit

·Telog DTU Data Transfer Unit

Telogers for Windows / Telogers Lite Software

Telog Data Management Service

Information Management Software

Telogers Enterprise

Telogers for Windows


General Telog Product Brochures

Available PDF Brochures >>Click to View<<

Telog Papers & Articles

Telog Application Solutions


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